Sani Tezz

The team at Convey Infra Architecture went above and beyond to design my dream home. Their expertise in blending modern design with functional fabrication is unmatched. My house is not just a home; it’s a masterpiece, thanks to their dedication and craftsmanship.


Our restaurant needed a fresh, sustainable design, and Convey Infra Architecture delivered just that. Their sustainable materials and energy-efficient fabrication methods have significantly reduced our carbon footprint. They’ve set a new standard for eco-friendly design in the hospitality industry.


We required complex industrial designs with specific fabrication standards, and Convey Infra Architecture exceeded our expectations. Their technical expertise and innovative approach have greatly improved our operations. They are truly at the forefront of industrial design and fabrication.

Ram Singh

The creative minds at Convey Infra Architecture have provided us with an art gallery that is a work of art itself. Their unique design and meticulous fabrication work have created a space that enhances the art it houses. They have an exceptional talent for understanding and executing visionary concepts.

Hukum Shaket

As a tech startup, our office space needed to be dynamic and inspiring. Convey Infra Architecture’s design was not just functional but also incredibly motivating for our team. Their use of modern fabrication techniques has given us a space that embodies innovation.